The Only 6 Android Security Tips You’ll Ever Need

Many owners of mobile devices running on Android feel that they are safe and sound. That’s usually because they’ve read somewhere that Android is derived from Linux – and we all know that you don’t need to take any security precautions when you are running Linux. Well, none of this is true.

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Android users are exposed to cyber threats the same as anyone else. If you belong to this group, you should know that your Android device can easily become a hacker’s backdoor into the world of your private data. I’m not talking only about your images and videos, but your social security number, credit card info and the last SMS chat you had with your mom.

This is why we have decided to help you by supplying the only six Android security tips you’ll ever need.

Install Apps Only From Trusted Sources

Are you running Android? Are you tempted to install cracked apps for free by checking the infamous box in front of the “Enable Installation from Unknown Sources”? You should know that this comes at a cost. Depending on which country you live in, you could be violating various laws. You will also be potentially opening doors to all kinds of dangerous stuff.

You never know what the creator of the cracked API has put inside. If you want to stay on the safe side, you should only install apps from the Google Play store, because they are under constant inspection of Google’s Play security app

Screen Locks Are There for a Reason, Use Them

Every Android device has several Screen Lock options – the modern ones even have the fingerprint sensor. The most common screen locks used by people are Code Lock, PINs and Pattern Lock. If you happen to misplace your phone or it gets stolen, the only thing that’s going to stand between your private data (including access to all your online accounts) and the person with malicious intentions is a screen lock.

If you want to increase the security of Android device, stop making one of the most common mistakes and enable the Screen Lock method that you find the most tips for security

Keep Your System and Apps Updated

In our opinion, the following tip is the king of all Android security tips – keep all your installed apps and system updated. This is vital for your security. App and Android system developers are continuously working to improve user experience, but their updates are not only about this.

In fact, all the parties involved in developing apps for Android and the platform itself are constantly on the lookout for new cyber threats and bugs in their software. By keeping your system and apps up-to-date, you will stay protected from the latest threats lurking online.

Use a VPN

For the ultimate Android security feel, we recommend that you use a Virtual Private Network or VPN. How does this help you? When you start using a VPN, you will be accessing the Internet through an encrypted tunnel. This means that all of your web traffic goes through several layers of encryption and protection, making it impossible for anyone to snoop or interfere with vpn

Also, as long as you stay connected to a VPN, your location will remain hidden from the prying eyes of cybercriminals. As a bonus, you can access online content that might not be accessible from your country due to censorship. So considering getting a good VPN for your Android device should be considered as necessary as a SIM card.

Stay Away from the Open and Public Wi-Fi Networks

Accessing the Internet over open and public Wi-Fi networks is just asking for trouble. By doing so, you will be making your device accessible to anyone on that network who knows their stuff. If you are constantly on the go and have to use public Wi-Fi hotspots, then we suggest you use a VPN as mentioned above to stay safe and protected while doing your job.

Consider Installing an Antivirus for Android

Finally, to make your Android device completely safe, install an antivirus app on it. There are plenty of free good ones on Google Play. An antivirus will keep your phone clean of viruses, malware, spam, and corrupted apps.

There you have it, the last Android security tips you’ll ever need. No matter which Android device you are using or which version of Android you are running, these tips will help you keep your system safe from all sorts of cyber intrusions.

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2 Comments to The Only 6 Android Security Tips You’ll Ever Need

  1. November 12, 2020

    My phone is hacked bad I'm on my 9th phone I hope this can help me. I can't keep password or emails they have got all kinds accounts out on me I got to do something. Thank you for your help

    • August 31, 2021

      Did this help you...I am on my 7th phone and almost 11 months of hell...sick of it!!


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