CISC (Complex instruction set computer)

CISC (Complex instruction set computer) Definition

CISC (complex Instruction Set computer) is a processor design approach in which the control Unit contains a number of microelectronic circuit to generate a set of control signals and each microcircuitry is activated by a microcode. In Complex Instruction set computing single instruction can execute several low-level operations such as loadng from memory, arithmetic operation and a memory store. Also capable of multi-step operations and addressing modes within a single instruction.

The microprograming approach makes the processor slower compared to RISC approach. Examples of the CISC processors are Intel x86,  Intel Pentium Pro etc.

CISC features

  • More Addressing Modes
  • Slower Clock speed
  • Few general purpose registers
  • Feature rich Instructions
  • More complex instruction
  • Instruction pipeline cannot be implemented
  • Shortens the execution time reducing the numbers of instructions per programs
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