Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy An Air Conditioner

The weather is becoming unpredictable day-by-day, irrespective of the place you live in this country. The heat may become unbearable and you might consider buying an air conditioner. You don’t want to regret after making a huge investment. Read a few aspects you must consider before purchasing an air conditioner:

Consider the various aspects of your room

Calculate the size of your room. For a smaller room, you can purchase an AC with lower energy. If your room has many windows, it will absorb the heat during the day, and this means the AC will take more time to cool the room. This simply translates to higher electricity bills.

Installation is important

You may not realize it, but the procedure of installation is vital to the functioning of the AC. Ensure a professional is installing it and that they check for leaks in the condenser.

Maintenance costs

Consider purchasing a copper condenser as the maintenance is lower than an aluminium one. If the air conditioner is damaged after the warranty period, you may have to pay for the repair.

Check the ratings

Usually the higher the BEE star rating, the lower the electricity bills. A higher Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) rating means the air conditioner is highly efficient. The ideal star rating would be 3 stars for a good value-for-money product.

Key features

You must decide if you need a split ac or a centralized ac. Split ac provides cooling in a single room, whereas centralized cools the entire house. This is why centralized ACs are expensive.

Look for inverter ACs, as they adjust the temperature according to the power supply. This helps in avoiding damage to the AC.

Calculate the cost of buying, operation & maintenance

Purchasing and using an AC is a long-term investment. A single unit can be used for almost a decade. However, keep in mind the cost of maintenance you will have to pay for this duration. Calculate the difference it will make in your electricity bill and how it will impact your budget.

Research on the specs

There are various types of air conditioners in the market. This makes it difficult to choose the best one for you. Compare all the available models in your budget range. This will enable you to take an informed decision. You should also look into taking an ac or air cooler on rent.

Other features to consider

There are other features like sleep mode, which controls the temperature through the night. There are ACs which make less noise, have humidifiers, or filters. These are, however optional features.

If you feel that buying and installing an air conditioner will cause a dent in your pocket, you can always take ac on rent. However, the maintenance might be a hassle and sometimes it might be too noisy for certain individuals. In this case, you can consider taking an air cooler on rent. Renting is the best option if you are moving to a new city, or a new house temporarily.


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