Fix Windows 10 running slow & make Win-10 startup faster

If you are facing slow user experience in Windows 10, here is the solution to make Microsoft Win-10 run super fast on your PC (speed up desktop computer . laptop). We ourselves recently updates our SONY Vio Laptop from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Genuine. The upgrade was free, but we faced the slow Windows-10 experience. On Windows 8.1 the startup time was about less than 10 seconds (5-6 sec on average). But, after installation of Microsoft Windows 10, the boot Startup time (windows loading time) on average become 45 seconds (very slow). You might face the similar issue no matter whether the Window is installed on 7200 RPM Hard Disk or SSD (Solid State Drive). Know how to Optimize the Windows 10:

Fix Windows 10 running slow & make Win-10 startup faster

What is making Windows 10 to run Slow ?

After diagnosing the laptop properly, we found different reasons for performance degradation.  The main reason we found for low performance / slow Windows 10 is missing of GPU Drivers. The another reason was Speed of Hardisk.To make your Windows 10 Computer or Laptop fast on startup, gameplay and Multi-tasking, follow the solutions:

Make Windows 10 faster: Fast startup and RUN

Solution 1: Install GPU Drivers Properly

Make sure you have installed correct GPU Drivers for Windows 10 after the installation of new Win 10 on your desktop computer and Laptop. In our case, this method only reduced the boot Startup load time more than half. If your laptop have Nvidia, AMD or Intel Graphics (Graphic card) then install latest drivers for Win10 from their official websites.

Solution 2: Install SSD instead of HARD DISK

Installing the Windows on SSD (Solid State Drive) will make the startup, loading of apps and games faster than the regular HDD. The Sata 3.1 Samsung EVO SSD offers 6X more data write and read speed than the 7200RPM hard drive.Make microsfot windows 10  fast by adding SSD

Solution 3: Disable Programs loading at Startup

By default, there are many apps which automatically load up / launch on the Windows 10 Startup even when they are not required. So by disabling those Programs / Applications, we can the Windows to load fast. You can launch them when you need after the Startup. Check out the steps to disable / stop startup programs or items in Windows.

Solution 4: Set the Performance Options to “Adjust for Best Performance”. Shut off Shadows and Animations.

There are many services (visual appearance) in Windows 10 which you don’t even use mostly. By disabling those services, you can make the windows 10 run faster and will improve the overall speed of the system. Know how to Disable Visual Effect in Windows 10.

Solution 5: Uninstall Unused or Unwanted Programs

You should delete the unwanted or unused programs from the Windows. To do so take the following steps:

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Click on “Program and Features”
  3. Select the Software you want to remove and Click “Uninstall / Change”
  4. Follow the Steps to remove the Software completely from HDD

Solution 6: Defragment the C: Drive

If Windows 10 is installed on Hard disk drive then Defragment the drive in which it is installed. Don’t do it if you have SSD, SSDs don’t require it.

  • Go to My Computer
  • Select the Drive you want to Defragment and Right click on it and Select Properties
  • A new Window will pop up, from there Select Tools and Click on Defragmentation.

make windows 10 fast delete temporary files

Solution 7: Delete Temporary Files. Perform Disk Cleanup

  • Go to My Computer
  • Select the Drive you want to Clean click on it and Select Properties
  • A new Window will pop up, from there Select GENERAL  Tab and Click on Disk Cleanup

Know more ways to Delete Temp folder / files in Windows 10.

Solution 9: Install more RAM

By adding more RAM to your PC, there will be a huge change in the overall performance of the computer / laptop. Make sure you have at least 4GB of RAM, recommended by Microsoft.Add more ram to make windows 10 startup fast

Solution 10: Disable Windows Search Indexing Services

It is very useful service however, you can increase the Widows explorer speed by disabling it. Check out  the steps to disable Windows Search Indexing Services.

if you are still facing the Slow Windows experience make sure you check out the BEST Tips and tricks to make the Windows PC run faster.


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