iBall Launches Airway 21.0MP-49 3G USB Modem with Voice calling

iBall 3G USB Modem Airway 21.0MP 49 Launched with voice calling feature. The iBall USB dongle comes with Some nice specifications that sets it apart form other 3G modems in the market. The device is compatible with 2G/3G GSM networks. It can transmit high speed data with Downloading speed up to (HSDPA+) 21Mbps and (HSUPA) Upload Speed 5.76Mbps. It comes with plug and play feature, means there is no need to install driver separately. The Airway 21.0MP 49 has Micro SD card Slot that can take up to 32GB memory card. The most attractive and impressive things about this modem is that, it can make voice calls. Well, its not the first modem that comes with voice calling feature there are several dongles in the market with same feature. It has USB 2.0 interface, internal Antenna and is compatibel with Win2000/Winxp, Win Vista / Win7 / Win8 & MAC OS 10.8.2. The 3G USB Modem Airway 21.0MP -49 also comes with 2G, 3G, EDGE, GPRS connectivity and notification LED. It will be soon available from online retailers .

iBall Airway 21.0MP -49 3G USB Modem

iBall Airway 21.0MP 49 3G USB Modem Price : RS 18,90.

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12 Comments to iBall Launches Airway 21.0MP-49 3G USB Modem with Voice calling

  1. May 20, 2014

    how to conect lenovo android tab

    • May 21, 2014

      First check whether it is compatible with your Tab or not. If yes then use OTG cable to do so.

  2. August 30, 2014

    I wanted to know whether iball airway is compatible with android tablets. I tried to do it but it doesn't work. Help me.

    • August 30, 2014

      Check your tablet modem compatibility list, most of time there are huawei and zte.

  3. August 31, 2014

    Well my tablet worked rather fine with idea netsetter, but it does not respond to the iball airway(as per what i found). Do I have to make any changes in the apn settings for i am trying a reliance prepaid sim card with iball airway dongle on intex ibuddy tablet. If yes, please tell me what to set in the apn. Thank you for replying to the earlier post. I hope you will help me.

    • August 31, 2014

      YES you have to make settings in the 3gdonngle.cnf file in root/etc. The settings are different for all modems. And about APN, it depends on what sim card you are using.

      • April 23, 2015

        My phone(iball 3g see n talk) doesn't show inbox(loading...), it does not let me write message(not available), same with the sms settings(loading...) also the built-in browser does not open(not ready). It has been just 2 years since it was bought and it worked perfectly fine then. Restoring factory settings doesn't help. Please help me. Thank you for earlier reply.

        • April 24, 2015

          Try to install new Java script enabled browser from , play store or directly search on search engine. If you are using Gmail app then you have to enable Sync the account by going to setting >> Accounts / Sync . If it still won't work better to contact customer care for further support. Hope this helps you.

  4. September 9, 2014

    airway iball 21.o data card drivers not found on net

  5. October 12, 2014


  6. April 21, 2015

    Thank you sir for your help. I've found that my phone(iball planet3g see-n-talk) does show me any inbox message(loading...) also it does not let me write message(not available) and the default browser does not start(not ready). At first there was no problem as such but after 2 years of use I facf such problem. Please help.

    • April 21, 2015

      Hi Pankaj; Try to reset your phone : follow these instructions : https://www.dtechy.com/how-to-factory-reset-android-tablet-forgot-password/


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