10 Highly effective approaches to increase productivity at work

Continuously, running round the clock, performing lots and lots of tasks, trying to achieve more and more. But in spite of so much work output comes out to be zero or not satisfactory, then you need to look at your mistakes and what are measures to correct them. The way we are working today needs to be updated.

Don’t you think only Hard work and hard work has become an outdated trend these days, why I am saying this because, in this contemporary world only working hard or running from 12 to 12 won,t work, you need to work smartly. Smart here doesn’t mean pleasing in appearance or tidy here it means being at another level in terms of managing tasks and establishing a work-life balance.

Following are some of the ways to intensify efficiency and output at work:

  1. Health: This may seem weird to you that how health is related to being more productive but our physical and mental health also determines this. Basically if we want more output we need to have an upper edge over others that is only possible if we are putting all our efforts and giving our 101% because there will be millions just like you trying to excel and giving their 100%, so this will only happen if we enjoy what we do and if we are physically fit and are mentally relaxed for example: you will not even enjoy driving the most luxurious car if you’re having backache, even there will be no fun in doing your dream job or the work you love to do if you are having too much stress and tensions. Every person today should understand that along with many other factors affecting your productivity, health also plays a vital role. firstly, focus on being more healthy do yoga, meditation, do not pressurize yourself for anything and most importantly be persistent in whatever you are doing to stay healthy.


  1. Managing your time: Tri-handed wheel only knows to run and you can only have the best yield of your efforts if you walk parallel to it. Time distribution is very important for every single task you perform in a day. Allocate different time intervals for each task and have self-imposed deadlines and make sure you stick to them, try your best to complete the work on time. Another way of time management can be, analyze the amount of time you spend on each task daily, restrict the time spent on vague things and then accordingly make time table that includes appropriate time for everything, let be relaxing, playing, and eating or working.
  2.  Make your to-do list each day: you can make a list of chores that you have to do on one particular day and then categorize the tasks like (a) most important, high priority (b) important but not urgent (c) trivial tasks. As per your convenience and capability you can eliminate the tasks or delegate them to someone else and then can begin working accordingly as chores that are on top of the list (priority) needs more attention, tasks in the second category should be done only after completing the former ones, and tasks in the third category can be deleted.
  3. Curtail distractions in your vicinity: While you are working numerous distractions around you do not let you work efficiently and effectively all these diversions need to be minimized, these can be as small as checking notifications, replying to colleagues or daydreaming about holidays. Distractions take you off the track and act as a hindrance on the way of your task completion, also they steal your time. Meditation can be helpful in some circumstances as it enhances the level of concentration, consequently helping you to readily focus on one task in hand. But every time or in every situation it is not possible to get rid of distractions like sometimes maybe it is necessary to go in a meeting or answer a phone call, there you need to make best usage of the time you are left with, practice time management skills, and if possible let people around you know that you don’t want to get disturbed unnecessarily.
  4.  Schedule regular breaks before you are completely exhausted: Constant attention to the same task hampers performance leading to less persuasive results. Taking regular breaks of 5 to 10 minutes within the working hours refreshes the body and re-energizes your body to work again and this is linked with work productivity. This can be more effective if you perform some stretching exercises or walk for 2 to 3 minutes, by doing this you feel relaxed and you will also feel comfortable to do that work. The science behind having rest for a while is very interesting it reveals many benefits of having short breaks some of them are: (a) Helps to examine your progress (b) Improves learning and helps to retain information as our brain reconsiders and instills whatever is learned earlier (c) Boosts creativity (d) keeps away from boredom, etc.
  5. Give up multitasking: No doubt that multitasking is such a skill that helps you to do various tasks simultaneously but every time being a multitasker won’t help. Because it diverts your mind, not letting you concentrate on the work that you are presently doing and the work that is on top of your priority list, which needs more attention. As a result, sometimes things get messed up, so, it is better to quit multitasking and try to focus on one task that is in your hand so that there are minimum chances of error. However, this may not apply to some specific jobs where multitasking is required like event planning, in such cases above mentioned methods can work adequately.
  6. Set mini targets: If you are working on one specific task and want more output in it then this can especially be very useful there because setting small targets keeps you in one direction and helps to complete the desired work on time with a very high level of output.
  7. Be realistic: Sometimes to increase productivity some people overburden themselves, they take so much of the workload that their life becomes out of balance and they have to face serious repercussions. one needs to be practical and should understand that doing more work, and getting more output is just a fallacy. So, just do that amount of work that you can do with a sense of comfort.
  8. Stay motivated: During working there come many instances when you lose hope or are discouraged by the continuous failure or not up to mark results, there comes the strong need of encouragement, when you need to get pumped up with inspiration. One of the best ways to stay motivated is to keep reading motivational quotations, watch motivational videos of great personalities or read inspirational books such as ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari ‘ by ‘Robin Sharma ‘ or listening to speeches of great persons can also be advantageous
  9. Explore more interesting facts about what you are doing: This not only widens your horizons but also makes you curious and more interested in the work you are doing, leading to a concrete desire of performing better and knowing more.

Everyone wants to be more productive and there are various measures to do so and each one can suit a specific career or specific lifestyle of an individual, nevertheless, best results are obtained when these strategies are collectively carried out. Just letting it, as it is or amending something for its betterment is a choice and making the right choices is as important as high yield in life, so analyze the way you are living, working and figure out the things that need to be changed or renovated.


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