Instagram Down: the 500 error not leting users to login

Instagram has stopped working due to heavy server load causing 500 server error code on Thursday 13 – Friday 14 2019. Instagram is down globally not just in India, UK, Brazil, Indonesia, Germany, France, Japan or in USA America. Instagram is down Globally creating a new history in the world of Inernet.

When trying to access Instagram it is either giving 500 error, “Oops, an error occurred.” or Facebook branded error message saying “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can “. In meanwhile Instagram users are redirected to Facebook by the Facebook error message.

Although apart from the 500 error there is a possibility that Instagram got hacked, unable to handle a huge number of users or access of web bots crawling/fetching instagram data caused spike load on Instagram website.

The huge number of tweets were posted within minutes of the outage, from users joking that they only ever visited the rival social media site to see whether Instagram had broken.

Instagram app on Android and IOS are also not working as all the data loaded is loaded from the website. So no matter wheter you are trying to access Instagram from Mobile, tablet or desktop it not opening and on refreshing the feed it gives message “couldn’t refresh feed”.

Don’t worry Instagram profiles had been deleted or they had been kicked off the service until they realized it had broken for everyone.

Due to this error you cannot see the uploaded images, watch stories and send messages. Although there is nothing to worry about, your images and profile won’t be deleted as Instgram has backup of all your data at there datacentre . Also check cool Instagram username.



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