List of All Modem Routers IP address, login password and Username

Here is complete list of all popular Modem routers default IP address, login password and username. Know Login IP, password and username. To configure your ADSL WiFi Modem + router you need to know the gateway / default ip of it. To login into the router’s software application we need username and password.

List of All Modem Routers IP address, login password and Username

Modem / Router Brand Gateway /  Default IP Addresses
Amped Wireless
SMC Networks
U.S. Robotics

How to check default access IP address of a Modem + Router using CMD

  • Connect to the network first
  • Open CMD and typing “ipconfig”. You Will see the Default Gateway IPS on the screen which is your default IP for your router.

General Login Password and Username

  • Username = admin , Password = password
  • OR Username = admin , Password = admin
  • OR Username = admin , Password = michelangelo
  • OR Username = admin , Password = 1234


Model : GN-AR01G, GN-B40, GN-B41G, GN-B46B, GN-B49G, GN-BR01G, GN-BR01G-WB01GS, GN-BR401.

Username = admin , Password = password.


Model Default Username Default Password
4400 mtcl (none)
Office 4200 n/a 1064
OmniPCX Office 4.1 ftp_nmc tuxalize
OmniPCX Office 4.1 ftp_oper help1954
OmniPCX Office 4.1 ftp_admi kilo1987
OmniPCX Office 4.1 ftp_inst pbxk1064
OmniStack 6024 admin switch
Omnistack/Omniswitch diag switch
OXO 1.3 (none) admin
PBX 4400 dhs3mt dhs3mt
PBX 4400 mtch mtch
PBX 4400 at4400 at4400
PBX 4400 mtcl mtcl
PBX 4400 root letacla
PBX 4400 dhs3pms dhs3pms
PBX 4400 adfexc adfexc
PBX 4400 client client
PBX 4400 install llatsni
PBX 4400 halt tlah
PBX 4400 kermit kermit
Timestep VPN 1520 3.00.026 root permit


Model Name Default Username Default Password
F1P1242EGau admin admin
F1P1243EGau-iiNet none blank
F1PI-241EGau NONE admin
F1PI241ENau NONE admin
F1PI242EGau blank admin
F1PI242ENau blank admin
F1PI243EGau admin admin
F1PI24EGau admin admin
F1Pl242ENau admin admin
F5D5230-4 Admin blank
F5D5230-4v2 blank
F5D5231-4 NONE blank
F5D5231-4v3 blank
F5D5630au4 unknown unknown
F5D5730au admin password
F5D6130 (none) MiniAP
F5D6230-3 NONE blank
F5D6231-4 NONE blank
F5D6231-4-v2 NONE blank
F5D7010 blank
F5D7130UK blank blank
F5D7150 FB n/a admin
F5D7230-4 NONE blank
F5D7230-4v4 blank
F5D7230-4v7.01 blank
F5D7230-4v8 blank
F5D7231-4 NONE blank
F5D7231-4P NONE blank
F5D7231-4v2 NONE blank
F5D7231-4v4.05 NONE blank
F5D7231-4v5 NONE blank
F5D7234-4 none blank
F5D7234-4v1 blank
F5D7234-4v3 blank blank
F5D7234-4v4 blank
F5D7234-4v5 blank
F5D7630 NONE blank
F5D7630-4 NONE blank
F5D7632-4 blank blank
F5D7632-4v3 blank
F5D7632ef4a NONE blank
F5D7633-4 blank blank
F5D7633-4Av1 blank blank
F5D7633-4v2 blank
F5D7633au4A blank
F5D7634-4 none blank
F5D8230-4 blank blank
F5D8231-4 blank blank
F5D8231-4v2 blank
F5D8231-4v4 blank
F5D8232-4 blank
F5D8232-4v2 blank
F5D8233-4 blank blank
F5D8233-4v1 blank blank
F5D8233-4v3 blank blank
F5D8235-4 blank
F5D8235-4v1 blank
F5D8235-4v2 blank
F5D8235-4v3 blank
F5D8236-4 blank blank
F5D8236-4v1 blank blank
F5D8236-4v3 blank
F5D8630-4 blank
F5D8630-4Av1 blank
F5D8631-4 blank
F5D8631-4v3 blank
F5D8632-4 blank
F5D8632-4v1 blank
F5D8633-4 blank blank
F5D8633-4v1 blank blank
F5D8635-4v1 blank
F5D8635au4A none blank
F5D8636-4 none none
F5D8636-4v1 none none
F5D8636uk4A none none
F5D9230-4 admin admin
F5D9230-4v2 blank
F5D9230-4v5 blank
F5D9230-4v5111 blank
F5D9231-4 blank blank
F5D9231-4v1 blank blank
F5D9231-4v2 blank blank
F5D9630-4 blank
F5D9630-4A blank
F5D9630-4v2 blank blank
F5D9630-4v3 blank blank
F6D3230-4 blank
F6D4230-4 none blank
F6D4230-4v1 none blank
F6D4230-4v2 blank
F6D4230-4v3 blank
F6D4260-4v3 blank
F7D1301v1 blank
F7D1401v1 blank
F7D2301v1 blank
F7D2401v1 blank
F7D3301v1 blank
F7D3302v1 blank
F7D3402v1 blank
F7D4301v1 blank
F7D4302v1 blank
F7D4401v1 blank
F7D5301v1 blank blank
F7D7301v1 blank
F7D8301v1 blank
F7D8302v1 blank
F9J1002v1 blank
F9J1004v1 admin admin
F9J1102v1 blank
F9J1107v1 blank
F9K1001v1 blank
F9K1001v3 blank
F9K1002v1 blank
F9K1002v3 blank
F9K1002v4 blank
F9K1002v5 none blank
F9K1003v1 blank
F9K1102v1 blank
F9K1102v2 blank
F9K1103v1 none blank
F9K1105v1 blank
F9K1110 none blank
F9K1112v1 none blank
F9K1113v4 admin admin
F9K1116v1 admin admin
F9K1117v2 admin admin
FD730-4 blank blank
FSD7230-4 blank
ME1004-R blank blank
MyEssentials-ME1004-R blank blank
WRTR-159G none blank
WRTR-159Gv1 none blank


D-link Router
Model Name Default Username Default Password
2730R admin password
604 n/a admin
adsl admin admin
DAP-1350 admin blank
DCM-604 unknown unknown
DFL-1100 admin admin
DFL-200 admin admin
DFL-700 admin admin
DFL-80 admin admin
DGL-3420 NONE blank
DGL-4100 NONE blank
DGL-4300 admin admin
DGL-4500 admin admin
DGL-5500 none blank
DHP-1565 Admin blank
DI-514 admin blank(no password)
DI-514v2 admin blank(no password)
DI-524 admin blank
DI-524UP admin blank
DI-524v3 admin blank
DI-524v4 admin blank
DI-524v5 admin blank
DI-604 admin blank
DI-604v2 admin blank
DI-604v3 admin blank
DI-604v4 admin blank
DI-614+ admin blank
DI-614+v2 admin blank
DI-624 admin blank
DI-624+ admin blank
DI-624M admin blank
DI-624S admin blank
DI-624v2 admin blank
DI-624v3 admin blank
DI-624v5 admin blank
DI-634M Admin blank
DI-634Mv1 admin blank
DI-704 NONE admin
DI-704P admin blank
DI-704P-revA NONE admin
DI-704P-revB admin blank
DI-704P-revC admin blank
DI-704P-revC-v3.09 admin blank
DI-704pV2.60 admin blank
DI-704Pv3.11 admin blank
DI-704UP admin blank
DI-707 NONE admin
DI-707P admin blank
DI-711 admin blank
DI-713 NONE admin
DI-713P NONE admin
DI-714 admin none
DI-714+v1.31 admin blank
DI-714P+ admin blank
di-714P+ver2 blank
DI-724 admin blank
DI-724GU admin blank
DI-724P+ admin blank
DI-724U admin blank
DI-754 admin blank
DI-764 admin blank
DI-774 admin blank
DI-784 admin blank
DI-804 admin none
DI-804HV admin blank
DI-804HVv2.00 admin blank
DI-804V admin blank
DI-808HV admin blank
DI-824VUP admin admin
DI-904 blank
DI-LB604 admin blank
DIR-100 admin blank
DIR-100v2 unknown unknown
DIR-120 admin blank
DIR-130 admin blank
DIR-300 admin blank
DIR-301 admin blank
DIR-320 admin blank
DIR-330 admin blank
DIR-400 admin blank
DIR-412 admin blank
DIR-450 admin
DIR-450 admin blank
DIR-451 admin
DIR-451 admin blank
DIR-506L admin blank
DIR-515 admin blank
DIR-600 admin blank
DIR-601 admin blank
DIR-605L admin admin
DIR-615 admin blank
DIR-615v2 admin blank
DIR-615v3 admin blank
DIR-615v5 admin blank
DIR-625 admin blank
DIR-625v3 admin blank
DIR-628 admin blank
DIR-632 admin blank
DIR-635 admin blank
DIR-645 admin blank
DIR-655 admin blank
DIR-655v2 Admin
DIR-657 admin blank
DIR-660 admin blank
DIR-685 admin blank
DIR-815 unknown unknown
DIR-825 admin blank
DIR-825v2 admin blank
DIR-825_v2.50VT admin blank
DIR-826L admin blank
DIR-855 admin blank
DIR-860L Admin blank
DIR-862L Admin blank
DIR-866L admin blank
DIR-868L admin blank
DMG-6661 admin blank
DPN-5402 admin admin
DSA-3100 admin admin
DSA-3200 admin admin
DSA-5100 admin admin
DSL-2500E admin blank
DSL-2500U admin admin
DSL-2500Uv2 admin admin
DSL-2520U admin blank
DSL-2524B admin admin
DSL-2540T admin admin
DSL-2540U admin admin
DSL-2542B admin admin
DSL-254OU admin admin
DSL-2600U unknown unknown
DSL-2640B admin admin
DSL-2640Bv2 admin admin
DSL-2640Bv3 admin admin
DSL-2640B_SEA_1.00 admin admin
DSL-2640R admin admin
DSL-2640S admin sky
DSL-2640T admin admin
DSL-2640U admin admin
DSL-2642B admin admin
DSL-2680 admin admin
DSL-2730B admin admin
DSL-2730U admin admin
DSL-2740B admin admin
DSL-2740B-F1 admin admin
DSL-2740B_SEA_1.01 admin admin
DSL-2740R admin admin
DSL-2740U admin admin
DSL-2750B admin admin
DSL-2750U admin admin
DSL-2750U_Etisalat admin admin
DSL-2760U admin admin
DSL-2760U-BN admin admin
DSL-2780 admin admin
DSL-2870B admin admin
DSL-2890AL Admin blank
DSL-302G admin admin
DSL-302Gv2 admin admin
DSL-302v2 admin admin
DSL-320G admin admin
DSL-3680 admin admin
DSL-3780 admin admin
DSL-500 admin admin
DSL-500B admin admin
DSL-500G admin admin
DSL-500Gv4 admin admin
DSL-500T admin admin
DSL-500Tv2 admin admin
DSL-502G admin admin
DSL-502T admin admin
DSL-502Tv1.0 admin
DSL-504 admin admin
DSL-504G admin admin
DSL-504Gv2 admin admin
DSL-504Gv3 admin admin
DSL-504T admin admin
DSL-504Tv1.0 admin admin
DSL-504Tv2 admin admin
DSL-504v2 admin admin
DSL-520B admin admin
DSL-520T admin admin
DSL-524T admin admin
DSL-526B admin admin
DSL-584T admin admin
DSL-604+ admin admin
DSL-604+vR6.10 admin blank
DSL-6740U admin admin
DSL-G604T admin admin
DSL-G604Tv1.00B02 admin admin
DSL-G604Tv2 admin admin
DSL-G624M admin admin
DSL-G624T admin admin
DSL-G624Tv2 admin admin
DSL-G684T admin admin
DSL-G804V admin admin
DVA-G3170i admin admin
DVA-G3340S admin admin
DVA-G3810BN-TL admin telus
DVG-1402S admin admin
DVG-5102S none admin
DVG-G1402S admin admin
DVG-N5402SP admin password
DWL-1700AP admin blank
DWL-1750 admin blank
DWL-3150 admin blank
DWL-G730AP admin blank
DWR-113 admin blank
DWR-512 admin blank
EBR-2310 admin blank
EBR-2310v2 admin admin
GLB-502C admin admin
GLB-502T admin admin
GLB-802C admin admin
GO-RT-N150 admin blank
TM-G5240 admin admin
VWR-11.4.0 user user
VWR-VR user user
WBR-1310 admin admin
WBR-1310v2 admin admin
WBR-2310 admin blank
WBR-2310v2 admin blank


Edimax Routers
Model Name Default Username Default Password
6104WG 1234
AR-6024A admin conexant
AR-7064G+A admin admin
AR-7084A admin admin
AR-7084gA admin admin
AR-7084gB admin admin
AR-7265WnA admin admin
AR-7266WnA admin 1234
AR6024WGA Admin blank
AR7000 root root
AR7024 admin epicrouter
AR7024WG admin epicrouter
AR7024WGv2 admin epicrouter
AR7064MG+ admin
BR-6004Plus NONE password
BR-6104K admin 1234
BR-6104Kv2 unknown unknown
BR-6104P blank blank
BR-6104W blank blank
BR-6104WB admin 1234
BR-6204WG 1234
BR-6204WLg admin 1234
BR-6214K admin 1234
BR-6215SRG admin 1234
BR-6216Mg admin 1234
BR-6304K admin 1234
BR-6478AC admin 1234
BR-6504N admin 1234
BR-6624 admin blank
BR6228nC admin 1234
BR6228nS admin 1234
BR6428n admin 1234
Broadband Router Hardware: Rev A. Boot Code: 1.0 Runtime Code 2.63 admin 1234
Edimax Fast Ethernet Switch admin password
ER-1088 admin blank
ES-5224RXM admin 123
EW-7205APL guest (none)
EW-7206APG admin 1234
EW-7209APG blank blank
Wi-Fi_ADSL2+ admin epicrouter
wireless adsl router AR-7024 admin epicrouter


Huawei Routers
Model Name Default Username Default Password
Aolynk_DR814 admin admin
B593_-_Zain admin admin
B660 admin admin
B681 admin admin
B681 admin admin1234567890
B683 admin admin
B683V admin admin
B970 admin blank
B970 – Orange Flybox Admin admin
BM625 admin admin
BM632 admin admin
BM635 admin admin
D100 admin blank
D105 admin admin
E355 admin admin
E5172 admin admin
E5172s-920 admin admin
E5776 admin admin
E586 admin admin
E960 admin blank
E960 admin admin
EchoLife-BM625 admin admin
EchoLife-HG520b admin admin
EchoLife-HG520b_Telmex unknown unknown
EchoLife-HG520i admin admin
EchoLife-HG520s admin admin
EchoLife-HG520v admin admin
EchoLife-HG521 admin admin
EchoLife-HG523 admin admin
EchoLife-HG532 admin admin
EchoLife-HG556a admin admin
EchoLife-HG556av2 vodafone vodafone
EchoLife_HG520c admin admin
EchoLife_HG520u admin admin
EchoLife_HG532b admin admin
EchoLife_HG866 root admin
HG232f admin admin
HG253s admin superonline
HG256s admin admin
HG510 admin admin
HG521c admin 3bb
HG530 admin admin
HG532b admin admin
HG532b-B013 admin admin
HG532b-B022 admin admin
HG532e user user
HG532s admin admin
HG533 admin admin
HG553 unknown unknown
HG556a vodafone vodafone
HG556a_Vodafone vodafone vodafone
HG55a vodafone vodafone
HG622 admin admin
HG622u admin admin
HG655b admin admin
HG655d unknown unknown
HG658c vodafone vodafone
HG8245 telecomadmin admintelecom
HG8245T telecomadmin admintelecom
HG8247 telecomadmin admintelecom
mt820 V100R006C01B021 admin admin
MT880 admin admin
MT880r TMAR#HWMT8007079 (none)
Quidway-WA1003A admin admin
R205 none admin
SMARTAX-MT-800 admin admin
Smartax-MT-841 admin admin
SmartAX-MT800v2 admin admin
SmartAX-MT880 admin admin
SmartAX-MT880v2 admin admin
SmartAX-MT880v3 admin admin
SmartAX-MT880v4 admin admin
SmartAX-MT882 admin admin
SmartAX-MT882v2 admin admin
SmartAX-MT882v3 admin admin
SmartAX_MT880a user user
SmartAX_MT880av3 admin admin


Linksys Routers
Model name Default Username Default Password
AG 241 – ADSL2 Gateway with 4-Port Switch admin admin
AG241 admin admin
AG300 admin admin
AM200 admin admin
AM300 admin admin
ap 1120 n/a (none)
BEFCMUH4 unknown unknown
BEFDSR41W blank admin
BEFN2PS4 blank admin
BEFSR11 blank admin
BEFSR11v2 admin admin
BEFSR41 admin admin
BEFSR41 2 (none) admin
BEFSR41-v3-v4-v5 blank admin
BEFSR41v1.40.2 blank admin
BEFSR41v2 blank admin
BEFSR81 blank admin
BEFSR81v2 blank admin
BEFSR81v3 blank admin
BEFSRU31 blank admin
BEFSX41 blank admin
BEFSX41v1.44 blank admin
BEFSX41v1.50 blank admin
BEFSX41v1.52 blank admin
BEFVP41 blank admin
BEFVP41v2 admin admin
BEFW11P1 blank admin
BEFW11S4 blank admin
BEFW11S4 1 admin (none)
BEFW11S4 2 (none) admin
BEFW11S4v1.50.10 blank admin
BEFW11S4v1.50.11 blank admin
BEFW11S4v1.50.14 blank admin
befw11s4v2 blank admin
BEFW11S4v3.2 blank admin
BEFW11S4v4 blank admin
BEFW11S4v4-1.50 blank admin
BEFW11S4v4-1.52 blank admin
befws1s4 blank admin
Comcast Comcast-supplied comcast 1234
DD-WRT_v24-SP2 root admin
DSL n/a admin
E1000 admin admin
E1200 admin admin
E1500 admin admin
E1550 admin admin
E2000 admin admin
E2100L admin admin
E2500 admin admin
E3000 admin admin
E3200 admin admin
E4200 admin admin
E8350 admin blank
E900 admin blank
E900 blank admin
EA2700 admin blank
EA3500 admin blank
EA4500 admin admin
EA4500 – Smart Wi-Fi unknown unknown
EA6500 admin admin
EA9200 unknown unknown
EtherFast Cable/DSL ROuter Administrator admin
FON-WRT54GL none admin
HG200 blank admin
HR200 blank admin
Linksys DSL n/a admin
Linksys Router DSL/Cable (none) admin
model WRT54GC compact wireless-G broadband router (none) admin
NR041-NetworkEverywhere blank admin
RT31P2 blank admin
RT41-BU admin
RT41P2-AT blank admin
RTP300 admin admin
RV016 admin admin
RV042 admin admin
RV082 admin admin
rv082 admin (none)
RV082v1.1 admin admin
RVS4000 admin admin
SPA-2100 user primus
SPA-2102 admin password
SPA-3102 admin password
SPA-9000 admin password
UTA200-TM blank admin
WAG120N admin admin
WAG160N admin admin
WAG160Nv2 admin admin
WAG200G admin admin
WAG300N admin admin
WAG320N admin admin
WAG325N admin admin
wag354g admin admin
WAG354G 2 admin admin
WAG354Gv2 admin admin
WAG54G blank admin
WAG54G admin admin
WAG54G-XW blank admin
WAG54G2 admin admin
WAG54G2-NL admin admin
WAG54GP2 blank admin
WAG54GS admin admin
WAG54GS admin
WAG54Gv1.01 blank admin
WAG54Gv2 blank admin
WAG54Gv3 linksys blank
WAG54GX2 linksys blank
WAP11 n/a (none)
WAP54G 2 (none) admin
WCG200 blank admin
WCG200v2 blank admin
WRH54G blank admin
WRK54G blank admin
WRP200 admin
WRP400 admin admin
WRT100 blank admin
WRT110 blank admin
WRT110v1.0.05 blank admin
WRT120N admin admin
WRT150 blank admin
WRT150N blank admin
WRT150N-PT blank admin
WRT160N blank admin
WRT160NL admin admin
WRT160Nv2 blank admin
WRT160Nv2-NL admin admin
WRT160Nv3 admin admin
WRT1900AC admin admin
WRT300N blank admin
WRT310N blank admin
WRT310N-ES blank admin
WRT310Nv2 admin admin
WRT320N admin admin
WRT330N admin admin
WRT350N blank admin
WRT350Nv2 blank admin
WRT400N admin admin
WRT51AB blank admin
WRT54AG blank admin
WRT54G blank admin
WRT54G admin admin
WRT54G (none) admin
WRT54G-TM blank admin
WRT54G2 admin admin
WRT54G2v1.5 admin admin
WRT54G3G blank admin
WRT54G3G-AT admin admin
WRT54G3G-ST admin admin
WRT54G3GV2-ST admin admin
WRT54G3GV2-VF admin admin
WRT54GC admin admin
WRT54GH admin admin
WRT54GL blank admin
WRT54GLv4.30 admin admin
WRT54GP2 admin admin
WRT54GP2A-AT admin admin
WRT54GR blank admin
WRT54GS blank admin
WRT54GS V4 admin admin
WRT54GS2 admin admin
WRT54GSv3 blank admin
WRT54GSv4 admin admin
WRT54GSv5 blank admin
WRT54GSv6 blank admin
WRT54Gv1.1 blank admin
WRT54Gv2 blank admin
WRT54Gv2-DDWRTv23SP2 root admin
WRT54Gv2.02.7 blank admin
WRT54Gv2.04 blank admin
WRT54Gv3 blank admin
WRT54Gv4 blank admin
WRT54Gv5 blank admin
WRT54Gv5-DDWRTv23SP2 root admin
WRT54Gv8 blank admin
WRT54GX blank admin
WRT54GX2 blank admin
WRT54GX4 blank admin
WRT54GXv2 blank admin
WRT55AG blank admin
WRT55AGv2 blank admin
WRT600N unknown unknown
WRT610N blank admin
WRT610Nv2 admin admin
WRTP54G admin admin
WRTP54G-ER admin admin
WRTSL54GS admin admin
WRTU54G-TM admin admin
WRV200 unknown unknown
WRV54G blank admin
WRV54Gv2 blank admin
WRV54Gv2.36 blank admin
WRVS4400N admin admin
WTR54GS admin admin
WUSB54GS admin admin
WZR-HP-AG300H_DD-WRT_v24SP2-MULTI root admin
X1000 admin admin
X2000 admin blank


Model Default Username Default Password
DG860A admin password
DG950 admin password
TG852 admin password
TG852G admin password
TG852Gv2 admin password
TG862 admin password
TG862G admin password
TG862G-CT admin password
TG862Gv2 admin password
TM501b admin 1234
TM502b admin 1234
WTM552 / WTM552 / WTM552G blank blank
WTM652 / WTM652G none none


ZyXEL Routera
Model Name Default Username Default Password
660H-61 1234
660HW admin (none)
adsl routers All ZyNOS Firmwares admin 1234
AMG1202-T10A none 1234
EQ-660R admin 1234
ES-2108 admin 1234
g-570s n/a admin
HS-100W admin admin
IAD-P2602 blank admin
NBG-415N unknown unknown
NBG-416N admin 1234
NBG-418N admin 1234
NBG-419N none 1234
NBG334W unknown unknown
NBG4604 admin 1234
P-2601HN-F1 blank 1234
P-2602H-D1A blank 1234
P-2602HW-D1A blank 1234
P-2602HW-D3A blank 1234
P-2602HWT-F3 admin blank
P-2602R-D1A blank 1234
P-2812HNU-F1_vT admin 1234
P-320W none 1234
P-330w admin 1234
P-330W_EE admin 1234
P-334WT none 1234
P-335WT blank
P-336M admin 1234
P-660H-T1 admin admin
P-660HN-F1Z 1234
P-660HN-T1A 1234
P-660HW-D1 none 1234
P-660HW-D1v2 none 1234
P-660HW-T1v2 none admin
P-660HW-T1v3 none admin
P-660HW-T1v3_eircom none admin
P-660R-D1 1234 1234
P-660R-D1v3 1234
P-660R-ELNK unknown unknown
P-660R-F1 1234
P-660R-T1 admin 1234
P-660R-T1v2 none admin
P-660RU-T1 admin 1234
P-661H-D1 admin admin
P-661HNU-F1 admin 1234
P-661HW-D1 user 1234
P-662H-D1 1234
P-870HN-51b admin 1234
P324 NONE 1234
P660-D1_RoHS 1234 1234
P660-RT-1_v3s admin 1234
P660H-T3 1234 1234
P660HW-T3 1234 1234
P660RT2 unknown unknown
PK5000Z none none
PK5001Z-CenturyLink admin unknown
Prestige (none) 1234
Prestige n/a 1234
Prestige root 1234
Prestige 100IH n/a 1234
Prestige 643 (none) 1234
Prestige 645 admin 1234
Prestige 650 1234 1234
Prestige 650HW31 31 60020 @dsl_xilno
Prestige 652HW-31 ADSL Router admin 1234
Prestige 660HW admin admin
Prestige 900 webadmin 1234
Prestige P660HW admin 1234
Prestige1001H NONE 1234
Prestige2302R unknown
Prestige2602H-61 NONE admin
Prestige2602H-61C NONE admin
Prestige2602H-61Cv3.40 NONE 1234
Prestige2602HW-61 blank admin
Prestige2602HWL-61 blank admin
Prestige334 NONE 1234
Prestige600 admin 1234
Prestige600HW-T1 admin 1234
Prestige623 admin 1234
Prestige623-41 admin 1234
Prestige623ME admin 1234
Prestige623R-A1 admin 1234
Prestige623R-T1 admin 1234
Prestige643 NONE 1234
Prestige645 Admin 1234
Prestige645R NONE 1234
Prestige645R-A1 admin 1234
Prestige645R-A2 admin 1234
Prestige650 admin 1234
Prestige650H admin 1234
Prestige650HW NONE 1234
Prestige650R admin 1234
Prestige650R-31 admin 1234
Prestige650R-33 admin 1234
Prestige650R-E1 admin 1234
Prestige652 admin 1234
Prestige652H-33 1234
Prestige653HWI admin 1234
Prestige660HW-T1 admin admin
Prestige660HW-T3 admin 1234
Prestige660HW-T3v2 admin 1234
Prestige660HW61 admin 1234
Prestige660HW67 admin 1234
Prestige660ME61 admin 1234
Prestige660R-61 1234
Prestige660R-61C 1234
Prestige660R-63-67C 1234
Prestige660R-T1 1234
Prestige660RU-T1 1234
Prestige660RU-T3 admin admin
Prestige681 NONE 1234
Prestige782 NONE 1234
Prestige791 NONE 1234
Prestige792H admin 1234
Prestige960 webadmin 1234
Prestige964 webadmin 1234
Prestige_660HW-61 unknown unknown
Q1000Z blank blank
Router 650-1 (none) 1234
RP314 admin 1234
SP-660 none 1234
X-550 admin 1234
X550N 1234
ZyAIRB-2000v1 NONE 1234
ZyAIRB-2000v2 NONE 1234
ZyAIRB-2000v2.1 NONE 1234
ZyAIRG-2000 NONE 1234
ZyAIR_G-2000_Plus_v2 NONE 1234
ZyWall 2 n/a (none)
ZyWall1 NONE 1234
ZyWall10 NONE 1234
ZyWall100 NONE 1234
ZyWALL2 1234
ZyWall2 NONE 1234
ZyWall2WE NONE 1234
ZyWALL35 unknown unknown
ZyWall50 NONE 1234
Zywall70 NONE 1234

Western Digital

Western Digital Router
Model Name Default Username Default Password
MyNet_N750 admin password
N900 admin password


Model Default Username Default Password
D301 admin admin
D840R unknown unknown
W150D admin admin
W300D admin admin
W302R unknown unknown
W306R unknown unknown
W308R unknown unknown
W311R+ admin admin
W541R admin admin
WBR-T3 admin admin


TP-Link router
Model Name Default Username Default Password
AC1750 admin admin
Archer_C7 admin admin
TD-8616 admin admin
TD-8800 admin
TD-8810 admin admin
TD-8816 admin admin
TD-8817 admin admin
TD-8840 admin admin
TD-8961ND admin admin
TD-W8901G admin admin
TD-W890iG admin admin
TD-W8910G admin admin
TD-W8920G admin admin
TD-W8950ND admin admin
TD-W8951ND admin admin
TD-W8960N admin admin
TD-W8960NB admin admin
TD-W8960Nv1.3.6 admin admin
TD-W8961NT admin admin
TD-W8970 admin admin
TD-W8980 admin admin
TD-W8980v2 admin admin
TD-W9810G admin admin
TL-MR3220 admin admin
TL-MR3240 admin admin
TL-MR3420 admin admin
TL-R402M admin admin
TL-R402Mv2 admin admin
TL-R460 admin admin
TL-R460v2 admin admin
TL-R470T_Plus admin admin
TL-WDR4300 admin admin
TL-WR1043N admin admin
TL-WR1043ND admin admin
TL-WR1043ND_DDWRTv24SP2 root admin
TL-WR2543ND admin admin
TL-WR340G admin admin
TL-WR340GD admin admin
TL-WR340Gv2 admin admin
TL-WR541G admin admin
TL-WR541Gv2 admin admin
TL-WR541Gv3 admin admin
TL-WR542G admin admin
TL-WR542Gv2 admin admin
TL-WR542Gv3 admin admin
TL-WR641G admin admin
TL-WR642G admin admin
TL-WR642Gv2 admin admin
TL-WR720N admin admin
TL-WR740N admin admin
TL-WR740ND admin admin
TL-WR741N admin admin
TL-WR741ND admin admin
TL-WR743ND admin admin
TL-WR841N admin admin
TL-WR841ND admin admin
TL-WR940N admin admin
TL-WR941ND admin admi


ZTE Routers
Model Name Default Username Default Password
AC30 admin admin
AR550 admin admin
Bavo_ZXV10-W300 admin admin
F620 admin admin
H220N HPN blank
MF28B_-_Rogers none none
MF29A none admin
MF612 admin admin
MF93D admin admin
NetFasteR-WLAN-Intracom unknown unknown
ZHXN-H108NS admin admin
ZXDSL 831 4.2 ADSL expert03
ZXDSL-831 admin admin
ZXDSL-831CII admin admin
ZXDSL-931VII unknown unknown
ZXDSL531B admin admin
ZXDSL831v2 admin admin
ZXHN_F620 admin admin
ZXHN_H208N admin admin
ZXV10-H201L unknown unknown
ZXV10-W300 admin admin
ZXV10-W300v3 on on
ZXV10_H208L unknown unknown
ZXV10_W300v5 on on

The above login password, username and IP address should work for Airtel broadband, BSNL LAN, Connect, Dreamtel, Tikona (India), SSE, Plusnet, EE, TalTalk, Excite, Sky, BT, Virgin (UK / United Kingdom), iiNet Australia, Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, CenturyLink, Charter, Cox, Cable Vison, Frontier, Suddenlink, Windstream, Mediacom USA.


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