Panasonic refreshes Let’s Note Lineup, says LX is the World’s lightest 14-inch notebook

Panasonic’s Let’s Note laptops that are only sold in Japan till the date . To extend the its products range , the company has just updated three models in the lineup . The Sx with and Nx with 12.1-inch and LX with 14-inch . According to Panasonic the flagship LX claims to be the world’s lightest 14″ inch notebook at 1.41 KG . So its just weighs 1.41Kg (about 2.5 pounds ) . The Panasonic Let’s Note laptops LX comes with 256GB SSD , powered by Intel Core-i7 CPU and a lightweight battery . The 14 inch display has 1600 x 900 resolution display and it has 4GB of RAM . The battery can last up to 11hours . The specs of the SX and NX are similar , the NX has Core i5 option . the company has not yet disclosed anything about availability and pricing .

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