How to Solve / Fix Error Code 24 or Error 25 in Android Google Play Store

If you are facing Error 24 or Error code 25 in Android Google Play Store, you can solve the problem by following the below solutions. To remove Error core 24 25 from Play store you need to first install the root manager. You can download its apk from third part source or from Play store itself.  It is required so that you can access the system folders. Follow the below steps to Solve / Fix this problem.

Solve Fix Error Code 24 or Error 25 in Android Google Play Store

Fix Google Play Store Error Code 24 or Error 25

Solution 1:

  1. Open the Root Manager / Explorer App
  2. Navigate to Data / data folder
  3. Here look for the app name causing the trouble
  4. You can find it in Google Play store official website by looking at the URL of the APP
  5. Delete that particular app folder
  6. Reboot your phone
  7. If you want you can now reinstall that app

Solution 2: Clear Cache of the App Creating Problem

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select to Application Manager or Apps
  3. Swipe to ALL, look for the APP creating the Problem
  4. Click on Clear Data, Clear Cache and Click Force Stop
  5. NOW do the Same With Google PLAY STORE, Google Play Services, Download Manager
  6. Reboot your Phone, it should be working fine now

By following the above solution, you can get rid of  the Error 24 or 25. In case the above solution did not work, you can factory reset your Android phone or tablet. Factory reset Method will wipe all your data and installed Apps.


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