How to take great photos with mobile phone – Android, iPhone

No matter which phone you have most of the mobile phones nowadays comes with great high-end Cameras. Modern smartphone cameras come with features like OIS (Optical image Stabilization), Laser Autofocus, PDAF (Phase detection Autofocus), HDR, panorama and you can configure ISO control, Exposure control, shutter speed settings, similar to any DSLR. Today we are going to share best tips and tricks to capture or take great photos of yourself with mobile phones.

How to take great photos with mobile phone

Before starting tips lets first understand why DSLR’s are still best for taking professional photos or recording cinematic videos. DSLRs ( Digital Single Lens reflex camera) are equipped with large image sensor while due to compact design mobile phone’s image sensor is small in size. That is the main reason images captured by a DSLR are more detailed, less noisy, sharper and clear. Another benefit of having SLR for clicking photographs is that we can change the lenses. Due to this, we can mount an Optical Zoom lens, Wide Angle Lens and Prime lens (wider aperture – more light – more depth of field – more blur in the background). Although there are many ways to attach an external lens over a phone.

How to take great photos on Any Mobile Phone

All Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phones and featured phones have different camera modules and different camera app. Not all camera apps offer all functionalities, but it is good if you can search for best Camera App on Google Play store, Windows Store and on other platforms. Check out best tips for taking great family vacations, Zoo, forest, garden, party, urban, travel, self, sunset, sports, wedding, running sports, pets, products, food, jewelry, landscape, snow, group, engagement, indoors, outdoors and baby photos.

To take great photos from your mobile phone, take the following steps:

  1. Make sure the battery is charged.
  2. Clean the camera lens.
  3. Set White Balance Manually
  4. Light is important, will improve the image quality and gives more detail
  5. Stabilize the phone (use tripod, selfie stick, books as support)
  6. FRAME the scene before hitting shutter button
  7. USE Reflectors and Natural Sun Light
  8. Avoid Zooming
  9. ADD effects in post Editing
  10. Focus on Subject
  12. USE Focus Lock
  13. Take photos from Different Angles
  14. Use Built-in FLASH (not recommended for macro shots)
  15. BREAK THE RULES, Keep Experimenting

In order to capture sharp snaps from the cell phone the camera lens should be clean. If there is less light use Flash. To avoid blurry images make sure to properly hold and stabilize the camera. Frame the scene and if there is optical zoom in or out before setting the frame. Don’t let the camera choose where to focus, use touch to focus functionality ( or object / subject tracking) and AE / AF lock. To avoid dark areas in the photos use reflector to fill light.

How to take good photos in low light or at night with iPhone

take good photos in low light at night

  • USE Artificial Light
  • Use Built-in Flash
  • USE Reflector
  • Increase ISO up to 800 (less is better, increasing it will increase the light sensitivity but adds grain / noise to the image)
  • Slow down the Shutter Speed (if the camera app allow, try decreasing the shutter speed. CAMERA MUST BE STABLE)ISO effect on photos

Tips for capturing Macro or close-up shots

  • Don’t USE Flash
  • Use Natural light or Artificial light ( make sure it doesn’t over expose the image)
  • Use tripod, as the camera stabilization, is very important
  • Use remote to click photos or SET Self-timer.

Taking better photos Outdoor using phone

  • If its day and there is good amount of natural light use Reflector to fill shadow areas
  • To avoid over exposed photos decrease ISO
  • Increase shutter speed

Taking better photos Indoor via mobile

  • Open windows to let the natural light come in
  • Use artificial light
  • ON the FLASH
  • Decrease Shutter speed
  • Make the camera stable
  • Increase ISO (only in low light if required )

Tips and tricks to take sharp photos in Android

  • Light is king here
  • Use touch to focus and AE / AF lock (manually focus on the subject)
  • Make the camera stable
  • USE post Editing software like Adobe Photoshop CS6,  Picasa.

Artificial light

How to Blur the background

  • Use camera phone with having wide aperture lens (f/1.8 f/1.9 f/2 / f2.2)
  • Increase the Distance between the background and subject if possible
  • Manually Touch to focus on Subject
  • You can also do it in post editing

How to capture fast moving objects (Sports)

  • increase the shutter speed
  • Move the camera with the object and hit the shutter button

Do’s for taking better photographs

  • Keep Experimenting
  • Capture a lot
  • Learn more about camera ( ISO, Shutter Speed, Exposure, Focus)
  • Be confident and natural while taking selfies
  • Set the optical zoom before clicking image

Don’t s for taking better photographs

  • using Digital Zoom
  • moving the camera during capturing shot
  • not framing the scene earlier
  • Using zoom till the very end of capturing photo

The above tips for taking good photos from a phone will work on almost all phones which include Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Asus Zenfone, Micromax Canvas, HTC Desire, Oneplus, LeEco, Xiaomi Redmi, Lava Iris, Xolo, Apple iPhone, Nokia , Microsoft Lumia, Huawei Honor, Gionee Elife, Acer, Meizu, LG, Motorola Moto, Lenovo Vibe, Intex Aqua, ZTE, Oppo, BLU.


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