How to track lost mobile phone, trace exact current location via IMEI/EMAIL/Number

Nowadays cell phone is most important for the individual. We can not live without a mobile phone. If one day I can’t get my phone I am worried because I store my personal, professional data on my phone. There is some major information store on my mobile phone which is very crucial like bank details etc. If my phone is stolen or misplace how can I find my phone? There are various ways to track my mobile phone. You can trace current location of your phone number in real time and its free.

track lost android phone-number using google maps

You also have access to get the location of your device or trace the previous locations. If you forgot your mobile don’t worry this tutorial will help you find your phone no matter whether its an Android or iPhone. You can also track your mobile phone using SIM card number. There are mainly three ways to track/trace mobile phone location:

  • Track Lost Phone using Gmail
  • Track Lost Phone Using IMEI no
  • Track Lots Phone using SIM Card Mobile Number

Get the exact current location by free applications online

There are various applications to find your mobile and track your mobile phone for eg. “Family Locator” through this app you can connect with your friends and family and keep tracking where they are? You can also recover your mobile phone if your cell phone misplaced or stolen through your friends or family member’s phone you can get the location of your phone. To locate an online location must enable. Get Mobile tracker free APK  

Best phone tracker app without permission

Various free mobile applications are used to Track phone(phone track). without knowing to anybody else. 


This application silently monitors all the communication. GPS location tracking and user behavior of smartphone or computer from any web browser.


Prey is an anti-theft app. It is available on multiple platforms for eg: Windows, MacOs, IOS, and Android. By using this app you can from anywhere.

You can also get the information about your phone that how much battery left in your phone, which telecommunication SIM is inserted in your device you can also remotely ring on your phone by google:

How to track my phone on Google map with exact location

you can find the location of your mobile through Gmail. GPS (global positioning system ) you can keep tracking of your mobile phone .you should log in Gmail in your device. It also shows the information when you login and where exactly your mobile through the map of the google system. To get the current location of your mobile phone. You should already enable the GPS and Syn with the Gmail is so that it delivers you location .

You can also get the information about your phone that how much battery left in your phone, which telecommunication SIM is inserted in your device you can also remotely ring on your phone by google:

  1. In your android phone first login the Gmail email id to your phone 
  2. When your phone misplaced 
  3. Goto browser (on another device)
  4. Then type locate my phone 
  5. All phone detail and location show to your screens 
  6. Then you remotely ring your phone 
  7. Secure your phone by clicking on it (there are sidebar option )

You can remotely delete or Erase your phone data.

Look out my iPhone (find iPhone)!  Track your iPhone

Apple mobile phone has by default “find iPhone” app on your mobile phone. This service is started in IOS 5 and later. This application also uses in MacBooks. You should log in to the Iclould.

In the iPhone first, go to the setting and then go to the “find iPhone” application then turn it ON and after you logged in, and then keep track of your iPhone using your MacBook. Simply search for “where is your phone locate at the current time. You should already enable your GPS so that it shows the current location of your mobile phone.

  1. First, go to find iPhone 
  2. Enter the Apple ID and password the id already uses in the Apple device create when you buy your mobile phone. Your mobile should already on the location and you enable the find iPhone app and your id should already be entered in the phone    
  3. Then check your Apple devices location and the offline and online status      
  4. Your all apple device location on the map by GPS (global position system ) 
find my phone track iphone location

Find My android phone By IMEI Number

If your mobile phone has been lost and you want to trace your phone. The IMEI number should know first. The IMEI number is like the identity of your SIM. There are various application to locate your mobile via IMEI number for eg. “IMEI tracker”.

  1. Download IMEI tracker from the google play store
  2. Install the application on your android mobile phone
  3. Give all permission to the application
  4. An advertisement run you cant skip it
  5. Then, A small box will appear and then enter your IMEI number

There are more ways to look up my phone via IMEI number using Bluetooth

Mobile tracker free Online

There are various Mobile trackers online where I find my lost mobile. This Website locates my mobile phone via my mobile number. enter your 10 Digit Mobile Number into the box without country code and select the country and then click on the locate button. It takes some time then this track a cell phone location online and shows on the google map. Mobile number Tracker is online and free to use.


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