Australia Mobile operators APN Internet Settings: Yes Singtel Optus, Telstra, Three 3, Vodafone

Know Australia Mobile operators APN Internet Settings (2G / 3G / 4G LTE) for Yes Optus Singtel , Telstra, Three 3, Kogan, IINET, Westnet, Adam and Vodafone SIM card. APN means (Access Point Names), it is required to enable Internet data connection on your Android phone, modems / 3G dongles, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and iPhone. Below APN configurations are only for Australia.

Australia Mobile operators APN Internet Settings for Yes Optus, Telstra, Three 3, Vodafone

APN Internet Settings for Yes Optus, Telstra, Three 3, Vodafone in Australia

Operator name APN Name User Name Password DNS DNS SMTP Port Note
Yes OPTUS internet guest guest
Telstra telstra.internet guest guest
Telstra (data bundles) telstra.datapack [blank] Telstra
Telstra (pay by time) telstra.pcpack [blank] Telstra
Three 3 3netaccess a a SMTP needs same username / password
Vodafone guest guest


Kogan Mobile Internet APN settings for smartphones
MCC 505
MNC 03
APN Type default

In kogan Mobile set Proxy to and Port to 8080 in WAP based phones.


Provider/SIM Carrier
iiNet 4G connect
Westnet 4G connect
iiNet 3G iinet
Westnet 3G* 555a1
Adam 3G** iinet
Adam 4G connect
Internode internode

Use authentication protocol is CHAP and the Access number is *99# for all above carriers.

Check out the Tutorial on how you can configure correct APN Internet Settings in Android Phone. Also, know the Internet APN settings for United Kingdom Mobile Network operators. To avoid data charges make sure you have activated or subscribed to 3G, 4G LTE or 2G / EDGE / GPRS data plan. All the above internet APN setting should work on Samsung Galaxy , HTC Desire , LG, Sony Xperia, Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE,  Microsoft, Nokia, Oppo, Amaysim, Kogan Agora mobiles phones etc.


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