How to Delete Temporary Files in Windows Manually by RUN or Disk Cleanup

Today we are going to share, “how you can delete temporary unwanted files” in Windows Manually by RUN or Disk Cleanup application. The method the delete Temp files from the computer / laptop is same for Windows 7 , Win 10, 8.1 , XP and Vista. Temporary files are those files which each program on your computer stores to keep the record of app data, cache and cookies.

How to Delete Temporary Files in Windows Manually by Disk Cleanup

Why should you Delete Temporary files from your computer ? Well the benefits of deleting the Temporary files are many, which includes: getting more free space on your PC SSD / HDD ( C Hard drive space fully occupied), optimizing the computer for better speeds.

Delete Temporary Files in Windows

There are two ways to delete the Temporary files from the PC:

Delete Temporary Files from windows using Disk Cleanup APP / Tool

  • Go to My Computer
  • Select the Drive you want to Clean, click on it and Select Properties
  • A new Window will pop up, from there Select GENERAL  Tab and Click on Disk Cleanup
  • Wait for some time it will calculate the Temporary files and data
  • Check the files you want to delete eg: “Debug Dump files”

You will get options to remove System error memory dump files, Temporary files, thumbnails, System queued Windows Error reporting and solution checking, Recycle bin and Temporary internet Files (Internet Explorer).

Delete TEMP Folder in Windows

Temporary files are stored in C:\Users\Your PC Name\AppData\Local\Temp , in Temp folder all the temporary files are stored. Before trying this Solution make sure your programs and you don’t need this files anymore. Some programs store this files as cache, so they do need files stored in TEMP folder. This is the shortcut way to delete the files from the Windows.

  1. Click on Start Button
  2. Open or Search RUN
  3. In RUN type %tmp% and hit enter
  4. Now Delete the Temporary Files you don’t need any more.

Both the solutions should work fine on almost any Windows Operations System (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Win 10, XP / Vista).

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  1. January 18, 2016

    You can also use some tool like Krojam Cleaner. It is one great tools that cleans your system of all the junk files.


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