Multiplexer (MUX)

Multiplexer (MUX) Definition

A Multiplexer (MUX) is a special type of combinational circuit which select one of the n data inputs and routes it to the output. The selection of that one input is made by the select inputs. To select n numbers of inputs we need m no of select lines such that 2m= n. The multiplexer has only one output Y. There is one Enable input for enabling and disabling the Multiplexer.

In digital electronics system MUX is used when we want to choose from different inputs and we want one of these input as output.

Types of Multiplexers:

  • 2:1 multiplexer
  • 4:1 multiplexer
  • 8:1 multiplexer
  • 16:1 multiplexer
  • 32: 1 multiplexer

Advantages of Multiplexer

  • Reduces circuit complexity and cost
  • Reduces numbers of wires
  • Simplifies the logic design
  • it doesn’t require the K-maps and simplification
  • Many combinational circuits can be implemented using MUX

Applications of Multiplexer

  • Communications and Telephone Network system
  • Computer Memory
  • Used to transmit the data signal from the computer system of Satelite to th ground which is used by GSM mobile users.


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