Belkin wireless usb adapter N150 Review and unboxing ( Specs & price )

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Belkin wireless usb adapter ( Belkin wireless usb adapter N150 ) are for those who wants to connect to the internet but without connecting any wire to their desktop also laptop (if laptop does not have built in ) . Let me clear – What is wireless usb adapter ??? _ Wireless usb adapter means you can share your content or any thing else  without connecting tons of wires to your lovely computer  .  There are many advantages of using wireless adapter ,as  there is no need to take all of your wires and modem with you when shifting your computer from room to room . Now have a look at Belkin wireless usb adapter N150 . The first thing that you will notice while unboxing Belkin wireless usb adapter N150 is its solid and safe packaging . There is one solid made cartoon box in the box of N150 and N150 is placed in it with one CD for software installation and nothing else is there in the box .

Belkin wireless usb adapter N150

First impression of Belkin N150

Belkin N150 is very cute looking device . It has very nice glossary and slippery finish over the front . The built Quality seems to be robust and hopefully it will surely last long .  The body is fully made of plastic other than usb port . The device does have one led which blinks while receiving and sending signals . We really don’t have any issue with the built of the device ( Belkin wireless usb adapter N150 ) .

Belkin wireless usb adapter N150

Performance from Belkin wifi usb adapter n150

We tested the device for about 2 weeks . The out put that N150 delivered us is good (7.8 out of 10 ) which seems to be nice for the device at this price . The device can easily work with any wifi router or hotspot without any glitch .

1st test – we placed our wifi router about 70 feet away from the our pc (N150) and even than the N150 gives 4 signals out of 5

2nd test – we placed the wifi router at 60 feet away from Belkin wireless usb adapter N150 this time we are in close room with door open and the result we get is 3 signals.

3rd test – we placed the wifi router 100feet away from the N150 this time it gives some time 3 and 2 some time , which is again nice .

Our opinion – The device is very nice and good at signals strength at this price .

When your modem is in other room and you are in another then some times it would looses signals but not happened in our case we usually got 2-3 signals .

Belkin wireless usb adapter N150


The price of Belkin wireless usb adapter N150 is IN RS 800  if you want to buy you can it form BELKIN SITE or from flipkart

Belkin wireless usb adapter N150

  • Built Quailty 7
  • Performance 7.5
  • Signal UPL / DNL7
  • Value for Money7
Total Score 3.6
Name Belkin wireless usb adapter N150
Manufacturer Belkin
Brand Belkin
Model N150
Release Date March 2012
Main Rivals
VS TP-Link wireless adapter
MRP in India RS : 1500
in US $ 22 USD
Pros and Cons
Pros Range, design
Cons -
Summary Belkin N150 is Wireless USB adapter, which makes your Desktop or Laptop Wifi enabled.

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