What is Computer Software & Software Classification

As we all know that computers cannot think itself. A computer requires some instructions which instruct a computer what to perform & how to perform it. Computer software is a set of computer programs that are designed to achieve a particular type of function. A program is a store of instructions that are specified to perform a particular task. Software is an intangible element of the computer system. It means that components which do not have physical existence & cannot be touched or felt by us. In simple words, you can say that the program or application run backside the monitor screen, is called software. The software can be purchased as:

What is Computer Software & Software Classification
  • Shareware Software: It is a software that is trade after a trial period. It is not a free software & also desires registration to purchase it such as Windows, etc.
  • Liteware Software: It is a free software with some reduced capabilities than the full for-sale version like HTML Assistant Pro, an HTML Editor.
  • Freeware Software: This software has been made free of copyright restrictions such as Adobe Reader, Skype, etc.
  • Public Domain Software: It is also a free software with no legal, editing, copyright restrictions like SQLite, CERN httpd, etc.
  • Open Source Software: It is software that is shared with source code and it can be modified & share by the people because its design is accessible as publicly such as Apache HTTP Server.

Examples Of Computer Software are:

  • MS-DOS
  • Notepad
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft-Windows
  • Windows Media Player

Classification Of Software:

There are mainly three categories of software:

Application Software<……….>System Software<……….>Utility Software

Application Software

Application software is invented to fulfill the requirement of an appropriate surrounding. This type of software is mainly used by end-users that use a particular product or you can say that a person who performs a particular task. This software is designed to determine the problems belong to a particular field according to their type. It means that an application software of a particular field cannot be used to solve the problems of any other different field. Application software is introduced according to the user’s demand. These softwares are written in high-level languages like JAVA, C++, etc. Application software is dependent on the system software as it can run only in the existence of system software (Operating system or OS). User can run the application software when he wishes to use it according to his requirement. In simple words, you can say that application software is used to serve the users.

Examples Of Application Software

(1) Spreadsheet: It is application software used to store data in the tabular form.
(2) Web Browser: This application software is used to connect & view websites such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
(3) Email Client: This application allows users to send, receive, read, compose emails.
(4) Media Player: It is application software that plays multimedia computer files such as video, audio files, etc.
(5) Console Game: It is a program used for playing multiplayer games.
(6) Word Processor: This application software is used to prepare text documents by typing, editing, formatting. Documents prepared can be saved for future use and also the documents can also be printed by using a printer.
(7) Photo Editor: It is an application for adding special features to an image like Toolwiz Photos-Pro Editor.
(8) Accounting Application: It is a software program that records & handles all accounting transactions.

    Classification Of Application Software

    • Pre-Written Application Software: The software that is specially designed to complete the requirement of different business organizations/applications. Its cost depends upon its functionality & it is developed by the leading companies and they sold this software in the market. These types of software are generally used for controlling the common business activities. Ex: MS-WORD.
    • Customized Application Software: This type of software is designed according to the user requirements for a specific field or purpose.

    System Software

    The system software is a computer program that is designed for supervising the internal operations of a computer system. It operates as an interface between the user and the computer. It is a platform for other software to run into it. System software independently runs in the background. It starts running when you switched on your computer system & runs until you turn OFF your computer. It is installed when an operating system is installed on your computer. This software is required for operating application software & computer hardware or you can say that it serves the application software. It is a multitasking software written in a low-level language.

    Examples Of System Software 

    (1) Operating System: It is a program used for performing computer’s basic functions such as controlling hardware & computer resources. It also provides a platform for other software such as application software, etc.
    (2) Compilers: It is a software program operates description written in a particular programming language and converts them into machine level language that a computer’s processor understands. In simple language, you can say that it translates the source code into the assembly code.

    Source Code……>Compiler……>Machine Code……>Output

    (3) Assemblers: Assembler is used to translate the assembly code generated by the compiler into the machine code.
    (4) Interpreter: It is a special type of program that translates & executes the instructions written in high-level languages.

    Source Code……>Interpreter……>Output

    (5) Linkers: This program is used to combine two or more object files (developed by the compiler) into a single executable program.

    Operating System:

    • macOS:
    • Ubuntu:
    • Microsoft Windows:

    Utility Software

    Utility software is a collection of a program whose main purpose is to maintain, analyze, configure a computer & its functioning. They are designed to ensure the proper performance & strength of the hardware to increase their speed & work capacity. It also furnishes a useful surrounding for users to work with other software. It helps you to backup data/files, provides the protection your computer against virus incursion, also helps in retrieving the information abolish accidentally. In simple words, you can say that these software-focused how computer infrastructure operates.

    Examples Of Utility Software

    Antivirus: It is a utility software used to prevent, detect, clean, the malicious virus from the computer resources. It also protects computer from computer threats, keyloggers, browser hijackers. It warns the user & process to secure the computer. The most commonly used Antivirus are Norton AVG, AVAST, MCAFEE, etc.
    Disk Defragmenter: Defragmentation is a process used in the computer to increase the access speed by reposition the layout of files on the hard disk. Defragmentation reduces the disk head excursion & further it lowers the time it takes to read & write files. It is generally used in MyComputer to maintain the driver or hard disk partition such as MyDefrag, Perfect Disk, Deflagger, etc.
    Disk Cleaner: It is used to clean the viruses from the hard disk drive. It is mainly used to allow user to delete unwanted files from the computer & by doing so it can save disk space. It also protects privacy. It is also used to empty the recycle bin. Some common clean up software is Piriform CCleaner, Razer Cortex, etc.
    File Manager: It is a program that is used to manage files & folders stored in a file system. It is used to make files & then grouped those files. Some examples of file manager programs are Windows File Explorer, macOS Finder, Directory Opus, Dolphin in KDE, etc.
    Compression Tool: These tools are used to reduce the amount of space required to store data by compressing and decompressing the various files. The common examples of compression tool are: WinAce, WinZip, WinRAR, 7-Zip, PKZIP, etc.
    Disk Management: Disk management is used to view & manage the disk drives established in the computer and also the partitions associated with them like Mini Tool Partition Wizard, Paragon Partition Manager, SMART Monitoring Tools, AOMEI Partition Assistant, etc.



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